Full Moon Party

2 hours @ £48.00

Get ready to experience the ultimate Saunadelic Full Moon Party! Join us for a guided journey of excitement and relaxation as we take you on a journey like no other.

For a full 2 hours, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of moon magic. Our expert sauna master hosts will guide you through a series of invigorating and rejuvenating rituals that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

So, gather your friends and get ready to embark on a Saunadelic Moon Party like no other.

An evening of sauna, pirtis and sound.

Join Saunadelic and Luisa for a beautiful hour and a half sauna session of traditional Pirtis leaf-whisking rituals and accompanying sound healing with a collection of soothing instruments.

Good Vibrations

1 hour 30 minutes @ £35.00

Sauna Supper Club

55 minutes @ £46.00

Join us for a special evening with Neha, where we will take you on a delightful Middle Eastern journey. Experience a luxurious hour-long sauna with indulgent treatments, followed by a delicious Middle Eastern dinner featuring a mezze bowl, and a sweet treat. Enjoy a Pop-Cultures Kombucha upon arrival and bring your own wine for a cozy fire pit gathering. Tickets are available with two time slots. Limited spaces, so secure your spot now for this sensory extravaganza.

Every 4 weeks on a Friday we gather. Come and enjoy an energising combination of fitness, sea dip/cold plunge, a pampering sauna session with gorgeous face and body treatments, and light refreshments to kick start your weekend off the right way.

11.30-1.30pm every 4 weeks £35

Feel Good Friday Series

55 minutes @ £35.00